One platform for all your employee performance & engagement needs

22% ↑ Goal Achievement

45% ↑ Peer Recognition

30% ↑ Employee NPS

1000+ teams across 5 continents love Mesh

Performance management that fits the way you work

Mesh helps remote hybrid companies execute their growth plans, in a simple and social way that keeps employees engaged

Accelerate growth with simplified goals & OKRs

Make progress on goals & OKRs an on-going habit everyone engages in. Rather than a forced, periodic process that one merely complies with.
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Fully configurable performance reviews

Completely configurable approach with intelligent form filling that makes your performance review process so easy and devoid of bias
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Increase productivity & social collaboration

Drive projects, sprints and tasks across teams, in one place. And replace the clutter of multiple kanban boards and excel sheets.
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Improve engagement with timely recognition

Employees today need more than monetary incentives. They want real time feedback and don't want to wait till the end of the assessment cycle.
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What others have to say

``Mesh has been instrumental in improving team dynamics at FamPay. Mesh has changed the way our team looks at goals & tasks today. Simple features like ‘applause’ and the ‘leaderboard’ have gamified regular work days.``
Kush Taneja Founder - FamPay
``Unlike traditional HRMS based modules for performance and feedback, Mesh helps HR teams focus on strategic action rather than spending most of their time administering the performance process. The data collected is based on employee action and not form filling, which measures the real ROI of HR investments i.e. whether or not desired change is visible to others!``
Rahul Kandhal HR Business Leader - GSK
``I love the social angle to performance management that Mesh provides. Everyone’s contributions and impact get visibility across the team and it not only provides great validation to the individual but also rubs off on other team members.``
Ameen Kropha VP Product - Avenues